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1.Realtime Industrial Effluent Monitoring and Effluent Quality Measurement - Guaranteed Cost Reduction 

There are numerous Industries that use large amounts of water due to the processes and systems that being employed in the businesses. Some of the Industrial effluent clients use upto 4000 kilo litres per day!

One of Industrial Effluent Users is Food Manufacturing Industry where the where there is regulated hygienic cleaning cycles that require equipment to be sanitised several times with clean fluids and water. 

These users are classified as “Industrial Effluent Customers” by the various bulk Water Suppliers such as Johannesburg Water. These users require a permit to discharge their effluent into the sewer which is monitored by taking monthly effluent samples which are processed in a Laboratory.  There are limits for certain elements of the Industrial Effluent  such sa BOD, COD, PH, Conductivity where the Bulk water supplier sets limits of these components of the effluent. 

The reason for the limits being set on the components of the effluent is that Waste Water Plants need to clean the effluent and the if there are excess in the elements such as COD which is driven by cleaning fluids, the main bacterial process being run in the Waste Water Plant would stop thus stopping the purifying process. A fine is issued by the Bulk Water supplier based on the volume of effluent used cost to rectified the element limit that has been exceed by. In some cases the fines can be in the millions of Rands for a six month period.

If you are getting large fines and have a large water and want to reduce them please contact the The Techbutler cc Whatsapp Call -Whatsapp