5. Sustainable Energy Generation - ESS - Energy Storage Solutions - Solar PV Panels, Inverters and Battery Systems - #ESS

Energy Storage Solutions or Solar Systems as the are better known as are based around the Suns light Energy which lands on the Earth and gives us day and night is converted via the Photovoltaic Panels(Solar Panels) which takes the Suns electrons in the Sunlight and converts it to the DC voltage. The Panels vary in Size and are made of numerous cells connected together. 

The PV Panels are connect to an Inverter, there are two types, Battery Inverter and Grid tied with out batteries. The Inverters function is to change the DC voltage into AC Voltage which then can be used to power appliances and can then synchronise with the local grid to add power to the Electricity Grid or receive it. The most efficient panels currently are only 26.5% efficient at converting light to energy. 

The are several main types of battery, the first off is based around lead acid, however the latest batteries now use Lithium Ion. There are several types of Lithium however the have the best charging and discharging capabilities and are lighter than lead acid. The Lithium batteries charge faster than lead acid and have a deeper depth of discharging of 20% of the battery.